TWIN PANDA CAM: Live inside Atlanta Zoo nursery, cubs to be named after 100 days

(WXYZ) - As the first giant panda cub twins to ever be born in the U.S. approach their 100 day birthday, the Atlanta Zoo is asking for your help in naming the pair.


15-year-old Lun Lun gave birth to the twins on July 15 and according to Chinese tradition for good luck, their names won't to be announced until they are 100 days old.

VIDEO: Watch Lun Lun give birth to twin Panda cubs at the Atlanta Zoo :

Known for now as Cub A and Cub B, the Atlanta Zoo is asking you to help them decide on more permanent monikers. They revealed the following five choices Thursday:

A.) Mei Lun and Mei Hua (Acknowledging their American birthplace and their mother)

B.) Mei Lun and Mei Huan (Ancient Chinese idiom meaning something indescribably beautiful and magnificent)

C.) Tian Lun and Tian Le (Joy of family life or happiness)

D.) Lan Tian and Bi Shui (Ancient Chinese idiom meaning beautiful scenery and blue sky, clear water)

E.) Da Lan and Xiao Lan (Bigger one and smaller one)

Voting will begin next Wednesday on Good Morning America's website .

The winning names will be announced at a celebration October 23 when the cubs officially turn 100 days old.

VIDEO: Watch the full Good Morning America report on the panda cubs:

PHOTOS and VIDEO: See the giant panda twins grow

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