Wave of the future? 3 gadgets that will change how you sleep

Dreaming about a better tomorrow?  Here's a look at shuteye-to-come in the future!

LUCID DREAM MAKER: Maybe the movie "Inception" wasn't science fiction after all.

Thanks to our friends at Kickstarter. Bitbanger Labs has created "Remee" which is an affordable lucid dream inducing mask. A lucid dream is when a person recognizes they are dreaming and is able to control the dream.

Remee contains six red lights that 'bleed' into a person's dream without waking them, easing the wearer into a lucid state. The mask waits four to five hours until you're in a deep sleep cycle before it starts.

BEDPHONES: To sweeten the drift into dreamland, let Bedphones fill your sleepy head with lullabies.

They wrap around your ears and are comfy enough to wear in bed.

SLEEP MANAGER:  Zio is a sleep manager that monitors your lifestyle, telling you exactly how much restorative deep sleep you need. 

The headband tracks your sleep patterns and sends data to a smart phone app compatible with IOS and Android platforms.

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