Local Syrian-Americans react to Obama's address

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Syrian-Americans are closely watching the White House's every move these days. Tuesday night, they listened as President Obama made his case for American intervention in Syria.

As the dialog on Syria spans living rooms across America, in a living room in Bloomfield Hills, eyes and ears are on Obama as hearts remain close to a war-torn native land.

"The more he talks, the more atrocities in Syria." said Malaz Alatasi, "More killing in Syria."

Alatassi invited loved ones to watch the president speak. And in his home, thoughts on American intervention are split.

"Imagine if someone knew about 9/11 and turned their head away?" said Alatassi, "What would you think of that?"

"I don't think it is going to help the Syrian people out at all." said Alatassi's neighbor Raad Kasmikha, "It's not going to stop him from killing Syrian people. And it's not going to end the situation with the civil war."

While opinions over U.S. involvement differed, just about everyone in Alatassi's living room felt the President's words lacked direction.

"He did not end his speech with any promise or anything to do." said Alatassi.

"He's just stretching the situation out so far," said Dana Basha, "And I truly believe that he's not going to take any action."

"So it sounds like it's a very weak message." said Emad Alatassi, "Even for that weak message, he was very non-decisive."

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