Long voting lines in Ferndale

(WXYZ) - More than 1200 voters who showed up at the University High School Precinct in Ferndale had to pack their patience Tuesday. The line snaked through two long corridors inside the polling place for most of the day.

Voters played cards, brought portable chairs to doze in, and made new friends in line. A school employee sold snacks to those who rushed right from work with no time for dinner only to land in a 2-½ hour wait.

"First time I've done it with a concession stand, that's for sure," said Katie Miller who snapped up a bag of Doritos to stave off hunger during the lengthy wait.

Ferndale City Clerk Cherylynn Tallman told 7 Action News that a 70 precent voter turnout, combined with cost-saving precinct consolidation resulted in longer than usual lines. Tallman said due to population decreases, Ferndale went from 9 polling locations to 7 locations, but they tried to divide voters up evenly.

"Four years ago we were in and out in 15 minutes in the other precinct in Ferndale where we used to vote, and so now it's a little bit of a wait, but not too bad," said Jessica Brandenburg. "I'm just happy that we live someplace where the entire community is involved and thinks it's really important, so I wasn't too upset about it."

Karen Owens was the last voter in line. It took her two hours and ten minutes to make her way into the voting booth. She says she stuck it out until the end because this election was so important.

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