Macomb County Habitat for Humanity vehicle vandalized

(WXYZ) - A Macomb County Habitat for Humanity vehicle was vandalized Wednesday evening.

As volunteer coordinator Sanaa Eliasawful was driving the van to a work site, she noticed the 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette van making strange noises.

After taking the van to an auto repair shop, workers discovered that the vehicle's catalytic converter had been cut and removed. Subsequently, a police report was filed.

"This is a sad situation for Macomb Habitat as we don't have a vehicle to be used by our volunteer department to bring water, ice, lunches to our volunteers and sometimes do errands for the construction leaders," Elias said. "It really will put us in a serious bind."

Macomb County Habitat for Humanity is now asking for the community's help in replacing or repairing the vehicle.

Macomb County Habitat for Humanity has had their share of costly problems lately.

A customer in their ReStore drove his vehicle through the wall six months ago. They have also had to deal with thefts and a costly repair after smoke was seen coming from a lighting source in the store a month ago. 

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