Macomb County launches high tech control room to respond to incidents at schools

The Macomb County Sheriff's SWAT team moves in. Moments earlier--a gunman opened fire and took hostages inside an elementary school.

What the shooter doesn't know? Emergency managers are watching every move---able to relay to the deputies exactly where their target is.

"It increases the safety of first responders and those in harms way," says Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

This is only a drill--but 7 Action News got an inside look at the live camera system inside Macomb's sophisticated operations center.

In an instant, they can punch up one of the county's schools--even various rooms. When in the past, responders might be going in blind.

"What a game changer it is for law enforcement," said county executive Mark Hackel.

For school leaders like Dr. Nancy Campbell, "We hope there never is an active shooter," she says. But she and others in the county believe this is groundbreaking.

The county says the live video wall in the Mt. Clemens facility is one of the biggest in the country. Putting the county a step ahead of any emergency situation.

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