Mailman jumps into action to help a man & his dogs after witnessing house fire in Commerce Township

COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) - A local mailman is being praised for jumping into action while on his route to help a man and his dogs.

On Monday, Brandon Messerschmidt was on his route in Commerce Township when he saw a plume of smoke coming from a home.

"I looked out back and saw a man with a garden hose trained on the garage. He looked in distress," says Messerschmidt.

He got out of his truck and rushed to help the homeowner who was out back. Messerschmidt says the homeowner told him his 2 dogs were still inside.

"I told them we have to let him out. He said he was afraid they'd run away," he says.

The dogs leashes were in the garage. It wasn't long before Messerschmidt says the garage was engulfed in flames. He said the homeowner started coughing from the smoke and ran to the front of the house for some fresh air.

That's when Messerschmidt went in to try and save the two pit bulls Roscoe and Diesel.

"There was smoke inside the house. I was concerned they were in danger. The side of the house was in the process of catching flame from the garage. I opened the door wall," he says. "The dogs weren't immediately visible so I entered the house. I looked around the house for them and then saw that the homeowner was in the front. He was able to let them out."

The homeowner and dogs were safe.

Messerschmidt stayed to help and says he returned after his shift to check on the family.

"The homeowner was very gracious and thanked me for helping," he says.

Messerschmidt says he is trained to be careful of dogs while on the job, but he never thought twice about risking his safety to help them.

"The dogs are important part of the family. I certainly didn't want to see the man's dogs get injured," he says.

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