Storm, falling trees damage several homes in Ann Arbor

(WXYZ) - People who live along Dexter near Huron in Ann Arbor say it sounded big and it was. A severe storm thundered down their street causing big trees to topple into the roofs of two story homes and take down power lines.

One tree went through the roof of the apartment house where Katie Moray lives.

She was in the attic just before the storm hit. Then she saw it, heard it and felt it when the tree from the backyard crashed in.

A block down Dexter, another big tree went into the roof of the home owned by Doug Coombe.

He was driving home trying to stay ahead of the storm, but he was too late. The damage was done.

Ann Arbor Fire Battalion Chief Robert Vogel tells 7 Action News about a dozen homes were damaged, several seriously.

Power was out along several blocks. Nobody was injured.

The cleanup of the neighborhood continues. 

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