POLICE: Man caught shoplifting at Roseville store stabs loss prevention agent with dirty syringe

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - A 26-year-old Eastpointe man was caught shoplifting at a Roseville Home Depot Monday evening, and when two loss prevention agents attempted to apprehend him, he stabbed one of them with a dirty syringe needle.

Joshua Joseph Silva, who is described by Roseville Police as a drug addict, began violently fighting with the guards at the 13 and Little Mack store, hoping to avoid arrest.

Police say Silva pulled the hidden needle from his jacket and proceeded to use it as a weapon, swinging it around around in a slashing motion.

He was able to stab one of the two guards several times with the contaminated needle, according to police.

Roseville Police say Silva only stopped fighting when a customer, who was legally armed, witnessed the incident and came to the agents' aid with his firearm.

"The fight was so violent that a passerby citizen who has a CPL license, pulled his gun and drew down on the suspect because he thought the suspect was going to kill one of the loss prevention officers," said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin.

We're told once Silva saw the shopper's gun, he stopped fighting, dropped the needle and sat down in the parking lot. 

However, after hearing the blaring sirens of Roseville Police approaching, Silva jumped up again and started to flee on foot.

He was soon caught and handcuffed by police officers.

The loss prevention agent who was stabbed multiple times with the syringe needle was treated and released from a local hospital.

The contaminated needle will be tested later today by the Michigan State Police Crime Lab for any signs of communicable disease. Detectives will also request a search warrant to have Silva tested for any disease.

Silva was arraigned Tuesday on second degree Retail Fraud and Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm.

His bond has been set at $25,000 cash or surety.

In court, Silva told the judge that he lives in a home for recovering addicts and that it's one of several sober living houses owned by his father.

Silva's father declined to comment when reached by Action News Tuesday afternoon.

Roseville Police say Silva has a prior arrest for retail fraud. In 2008, he was arrested in Warren for Delivery of Marijuana.


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