Man gets Lions 2015 Super Bowl tattoo on Friday the 13th

(WXYZ) - A true football fan always keeps the faith, right?

Well, a Grand Blanc man believes Detroit is going to win the Super Bowl in 2015. He's so convinced, that he actually got a tattoo on his leg that reads "Detroit Lions 2015 Super Bowl Champs."

David Morian is a fan of 101 WRIF's morning show, so he had the tattoo done live on the air on Friday. 

“Even though we initially tried to talk him out of it, David went ahead with the tattoo live on the air this morning.” said Dave Hunter from Dave & Chuck “The Freak” in a press release.  “Maybe it won’t be a curse by lining it up on Friday the 13th and the night of the Super Moon. Maybe the stars align and it won’t curse the Lions in any way, shape or form.” 

But, just in case the Lions lose, Morian does have a back-up plan. He says if they don't win this year, he'll cross off 2015 and tattoo the next year.

This process will continue until they actually win. 

Go Lions! 

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