Man shot, dog slammed on pavement during robbery

DETROIT - It's an armed robbery in Detroit that's got animal advocates shocked and looking for the men who killed a nine-week old puppy.

There are more than 30 security cameras in and around the Onasis Coney Island at the corner of Tireman and Livernois. Many of those cameras captured the crime that’s got animal lovers stunned.

“What happened to this puppy was just senseless and terrible," said Debby MacDonald, Michigan Humane Society's Cruelty Investigator. "I think there’s no words for it.”

Around 2:00 AM Monday morning, the cameras inside the restaurant show Sean Harris ordering food holding his 9-week old shih-tzu. Also seen making an order is a man wearing a purple and teal colored hat and sunglasses.

Minutes before, cameras caught the man in shades casing the parking lot, looking for an unsuspecting victim. That victim turned out to be Harris, who puts his puppy in the car as the crooks demand cash and his keys.

Harris drops the cash but never gives up the car keys, and that’s when one of the crooks shot him in the leg. And as the men walk back to their car, cameras capture one of them holding the puppy, then violently slamming the animal into the pavement. The dog died from its injuries.

The crime has captured the attention of the Michigan Humane Society, offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

“I think as an animal lover, it breaks your heart," said MacDonald. "But as a human being, to have somebody that violent in our society, it’s dangerous. It really needs to be addressed, that’s a dangerous individual.”

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