Man traveling across the country, dumpster-diving to bring awareness to food waste

(WXYZ) - One man is traveling across the entire country, to bring awareness to a cause that doesn't get much notice, food waste.

Rob Greenfield is riding his bike across the U.S., dumpster diving. His goal is for grocery stores to donate, not dump the food.

He arrived in metro Detroit Friday night, and by the time he got to Broadcast House, had had a table full of food he's found in the dumpster.

Some of the things he found: Oranges, corn on the cob, a dozen eggs, rolls, an entire bag of ice, and more.

He says a lot of the food he finds is still frozen or refrigerated.

Also, all of the food he finds is from grocery store dumpsters.

According to Greenfield, we throw away billions of dollars of food every year.

You can see the entire interview in the video player above.

For more information about Rob and his cause, click here.

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