Michigan City man with Romney-Ryan "R" tattooed on his face has second thoughts

MICHIGAN CITY, IN (AP) - A northern Indiana man who had the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan campaign logo tattooed onto his face "to make politics fun" says it's time for it to come off.

Eric Hartsburg of Michigan City, Ind., says he plans to have the red-and-blue "R'' removed from its prominent place next to his right eye.

He says a Republican supporter paid him $15,000 to get the tattoo and keep it until at least the election was over.

Weeks after President Barack Obama defeated the former Massachusetts governor in the Nov. 6 election, Hartsburg says "now to me it represents not a losing campaign, but a sore losing campaign."

Hartsburg says he reached out to the Romney campaign about the tattoo, but feels snubbed that no campaign staffer ever contacted him.

Weeks after telling ABC News he did not "regret the tattoo at all" the man who got the Romney 'R' logo tattooed on his face for an eBay bid of $15,000  has changed his mind.

"I had a little change of heart," Eric Hartsburg confessed, saying he will now have the tattoo removed.

Hartsburg said he could live with touting the logo of a losing candidate, but what pushed him over the edge were Romney's comments that President Obama won the election by giving "gifts" to certain constituencies.

"I could deal with being a part of a losing campaign, but to still stand behind Gov. Romney with the positions he's taken post-election with the blame game instead," Hartsburg said. "To be such a sore loser about it, to me I can't walk around representing that."

The tattoo was meant to make politics more fun, Hartsburg said, but since Romney made those remarks strangers have been shouting lewd comments and hissing at Hartsburg on the street.

He said he could defend Romney's policies - not his post-election behavior.

The tattoo removal process could take up to 15 sessions over a period of six months to a year, longer than usual because of the blue ink in the logo.

Hartsburg has agreed to take up Will Kirby of Dr. TATTOFF on his offer to remove the ink for free. The Dr. TATTOFF website lists most removals as costing $98 per treatment.

Hartsburg said he found the removal process "a little terrifying," but he's more scared about the flight to Los Angeles, where he will have his first consultation with Dr. Kirby.

Hartsburg will be able to have subsequent sessions at offices around the country, so it won't slow down a professional wrestling career that he is hoping to transition into a role in the entertainment industry.

After all is said and done, Hartsburg hopes ditching the tattoo won't hamper

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