Married Michigan same-sex couples seek recognition

(WXYZ) - Detroit Federal District Judge Mark Goldsmith says he will rule soon on whether to issue a court order forcing Michigan officials to recognize same sex marriages. 

Some 300 same sex couples were married in March after Federal Judge Bernard Friedman ruled Michigan's ban was unconstitutional. 

Then within a few hours, the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay on that ruling. 

That case known as the De Boer case is pending appeal. Michigan's ban is still in effect.

In the case before Judge Goldsmith, 8 same sex couples argue they face irreparable harm over issues of health insurance, pension and other job benefits by not being legally recognized by the state as married. 

Their attorney told the Judge the state can not "undo" these marriages and they are not seeking damages.

An assistant Michigan Attorney General urged the judge to hold off on a ruling because it could cause "mass confusion" with the case before the 6th Circuit and other cases pending. 

He also called this an historic ruling. It is not clear when Judge Goldsmith and the 6th Circuit Court will rule. 

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