MEAP test may return in fall

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) - Plans may be changing to get rid of the MEAP test in Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Education had expected to switch to Common Core standards and the Smarter Balanced Exam next fall, but state lawmakers are looking to delay that plan.

The state Senate voted unanimously on a funding bill Wednesday requiring schools to keep the MEAP test.

The Smarter Balanced Exam is an online test and some lawmakers were worried schools would not be ready to administer it by the fall.

Critics have voiced concerns over Common Core standards and how much control the federal government would be given over local schools. Others have complained about how complicated some of the homework and test questions are.

Supporters argue Common Core standards provide a way to measure student proficiency across the country and ensure all students are on the same page.

States also risk losing federal funding provided by the No Child Left Behind Act if they choose not to adopt Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Exam.

Michigan school districts could lose between $16 million and $42 million each, according to the nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency.

Under legislation passed Wednesday, the state education department would be required to revise the MEAP test and use it for math and english for the next two years.

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