Mentoring group hopes to recruit role models

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A local mentoring group says the demand for positive role models is too high to ignore. The group is hoping a few good men and women can help some of Metro Detroit's promising young minds.

Call Edward Dean the guiding hand for brothers Terren Howard and Tyriq Stewart. Dean’s mentorship now forges a new path for these two young men looking for change.

“He’s helping me out with staying off the streets," said mentee Tyriq Stewart. "Helping with my attitude, and getting my work done because before I met him, I didn’t care about nothing for real.”

“I love to see a child change, to see them find hope," said Dean. "... and finally believe in themselves and wanting to do something better.”

"I look at him as an uncle to me," said mentee Terren Howard. "... a person I can sit down and talk to.”

Dean is the Executive Director of Avengers Mentoring. The group boasts 20 mentors in and around Metro Detroit, but it’s not enough for the 100-plus young minds waiting for their own guiding hand.

“So we have a mentoring enlisting seminar coming up on the 21st, and we will be doing those seminars once a month as a way to grab a hold of as many males and females interested in giving back,” said Dean.

Mentors are asked to provide one-on-one time with mentees once a week for two hours; a small commitment Dean says pays big dividends.

“People in general are a collection of people they’ve been around," said Dean. "But what if everyone they’ve been around is all negative? What if there’s no positive around them? How do they find positive?”

For information on the Avengers upcoming recruitment programs:

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