Metro Detroit emergency rooms packed with patients

(WXYZ) - Tanisha Johnson-Wright tells us she looked forward to today.

"I've been trapped in the ice because of snow and finally I got out today" she says. But then "Soon as I got down one step. Boom. I felt my arms go up in the air and they twisted and I heard a big pop. I have two dislocated shoulders. I sat there for a long time till my neighbor just happened to see me outside sitting down and she said are you ok and I was like No."

Tanisha's story is similar to many others suffering from the cold. While she gets treated at Providence in Southfield, across town at Botsford Hospital, business is booming.

Emergency Room Director Doctor Sanford Vieder says "We have 48 beds here in our E-R and all are filled but we can go beyond that with surge capacity."

At Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Doctor Jonathan Sorini tells us they're seeing many cases of "Hypothermia, that kind of thing and frostbite."

Back at Providence, everything from heart attacks to blistered ears are being treated. Then, there's also the flu. Doctor James Bishop says "We're seeing influenza, get a flu shot because I haven't seen anyone get the flu who got a shot."

As for Tanisha, she's got UGZ boots on her feet and mom inn her corner.

She says "It's important to have loved ones to help you out, because I don't know how much I'll be able to do."

Tonight, she is back home and recovering. She is a Detroit school teacher who we wish a very speedy recovery.

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