Michigan Man Accused of Spreading Hepatitis C

WXYZ-TV - A man who worked in a local hospital years ago, may be responsible for infecting as many as 30 people with Hepatitis C.

David Kwiatkowski who was employed as a traveling medical technician in New Hampshire is the target of this investigation. He worked in the Oakwood Healthcare system several years ago, but is no longer affiliated with the group.  

It's suspected he stole drugs used for anesthetic purposes, injected himself and contaminated the syringes to be used by patients.

Kwiatkowski has told police that he did not steal the drugs, and is not a user. Saying, in fact, that he is scared of needles. He also claims he is allergic to the drug fentanyl, which he is accused of stealing.

Kwiatkowski grew up in Michigan. But, he traveled around to health facilities around the country. Oakwood Healthcare systems say that although he worked with them at one point, it was quite some time ago.

Oakwood Healthcare issued this statement:

Oakwood Annapolis Hospital received information from the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) concerning a lab technician implicated as the source of a Hepatitis C outbreak in a New Hampshire hospital.
The technician previously worked at several hospitals across the country, including Annapolis Hospital in Wayne and is believed to have been employed by other hospitals in the state of Michigan.

A review of our records shows the technologist was employed from Jan. to Sept. 2007; however, there is no indication this technician had Hepatitis C during his employment or that any patients contracted the disease as a result of his employment. In addition, he participated in at least two drug tests during his tenure, both of which showed negative results for illicit drug use.

Public health investigations are underway in multiple states, including Michigan. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and patients and we are cooperating fully with authorities in this matter.

Because this is an ongoing investigation by both public health officials and the federal government the Michigan Department of Community Health has told us they will handle this matter for the entire state of Michigan and we've been asked to refer all additional questions on this matter to them.

Kwitakowski has told the investigators that he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in May.

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