Michigan's bridges are falling apart

(WXYZ) - It's a disastrous situation facing hundreds of thousands of drivers each day. Wayne County Bridges are falling apart and the state doesn't have the money to fix them.

"I think they are falling apart," says driver Cornelius Crosby.

We took a ride around Wayne County to see for ourselves and you don't have to look far before encountering bridges that are crumbling.

Or in some cases the problem is one you can see right through--like the hole that opened up along the rouge river bridge.

Lance Binoniemi with the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association knows just how deep this issue is. He recently surveyed 11,000 state and local bridges finding Wayne County has almost 550 bridges in bad shape. That's more than half.
Ultimately the problem leads back to Lansing. Lawmakers have failed to come up with the money to keep up our roads and bridges.

We asked the director of MDOT: 

"Is it acceptable to have this many bridges in Wayne County cumbling and falling apart?

His answer "no. It's not. We've got a lot of work to do."

MDOT Director Kirk Steudle could have the hardest job of all. He's trying to fix aging infrastructure with less money to work with than any other state.

Steudle says "that's all stuff we are trying to manage together. Along with lights and everything else how do we hold this all together?"

Steudle says Action News reports have helped highlight the problems in Wayne County and across southeast Michigan.

But the next step is making sure Lansing delivers because drivers in Wayne County can't wait.


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