Microsoft Ventures takes root in Downtown Detroit

DETROIT, MICH (WXYZ) - There's a new tenant on the block. Madison Block, that is.

Microsoft Ventures is now in the Madison Building in downtown Detroit.

The idea behind Microsoft Ventures is to become a part of the community. To be there for new community startups and help nurse along partnerships.

Located in the  Grand Circus Park area, Madison Building is home to many high tech businesses.
Also, the tech learning institute known as Grand Circus, which promotes the tech community,  played a key role in bringing Microsoft Ventures downtown.

Grand Circus CEO Damien Rocchi says, "This partnership further cements the opportunities that exist for the tech industry in downtown Detroit and will continue to advance our tech hub. Tech companies of all shapes and sizes, from big-name brands to new start-ups, can be found writing code and doing business along Woodward Avenue.”  

Microsoft Vice President John Fikany couldn't be happier adding, "It is important for us to participate and contribute to the growing technology hub downtown where startups and established companies are collaborating on driving innovation and growth. There is a ton of energy going on in Detroit, and we are excited to continue to be a part of it.”

Some of the other businesses that you'll recognize in the  Madison Buidling are Google and Twitter.

You can find more info regarding Microsoft Ventures at:

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