Mischief didn't take a vacation this summer as vandals target ball field geared to disabled children

PLYMOUTH (WXYZ) - "He carved up our air conditioner," said Deb Madonna about the young suspect caught on surveillance tape, vandalizing property at The Bilkie Family Field in the city of Plymouth.

The ball field is used by the young disabled participants and volunteers of the Miracle League of Plymouth.

The volunteers are called "buddies" and they help those who are disabled play in fun, encouraging ball games as parents and friends cheer from the sidelines.

Unfortunately, on several occasions this summer, young vandals have targeted the beautiful ball park that is designed to make it easier for those with disabilities to participate in a fun, encouraging ball game.

So far, in separate cases this summer, two adults are facing misdemeanor criminal charges and three juveniles are paying restitution for the damage they caused, according to Plymouth Police Lieutenant Jamie Grabowski.

Madonna is hoping surveillance video of another young suspected vandal will lead to the public helping to identify him as well. The video was taken Memorial Day weekend and is now posted on the league's Facebook page.

Click on the video above for more on this story and to watch that surveillance video.

Anyone with information on who the young man is in the video is urged to call Plymouth Police at (734) 453-1234 extension 272.

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