FOUND: 7-week-old baby boy found safe

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Detroit Police Department says the missing 7-week-old baby boy has been found safe.

Earlier Wednesday, police were searching for the baby after they learned the baby's grandmother dropped off her cousin and the baby on Tuesday night so they could visit a relative.

The cousin reportedly took the baby, Ziairr Ryles, into the apartment complex, but never arrived at the apartment.

According to police, there were two phone calls from the suspect stating her intention to return the child.

Detroit Police Lt. Constance Slappey and Officer Flora Butler spent most of Wednesday searching for the boy.

They told 7 Action News they knew the baby needed to eat at some point and they began their search in the area of the relative’s apartment.

“We decided to go back to that area… and go to gas stations, grocery stores," said Lt. Slappey.

After hours of searching, the investigation took a bizarre twist.

Police found a man who thought he was the infant’s grandfather and led them to his son’s home where the baby and the mother's cousin were found.

According to police, the mother’s cousin had showed up at the doorstep claiming the man’s son was the father of the child.

“She had told him that she was pregnant months ago and then she had disappeared and had not seen him until she popped up with his child," said Lt. Slappey.

"He stated that she came over late last night stating that it was his,” said Officer Butler.  “So he started speaking about getting a blood test.  He said he didn't want to put her out of the house at that time because she had the child."

About 24 hours after the infant's disappearance,  he was reunited with loved ones.

It was a heartwarming reunion for those closest to little Ziairr as well as those responsible for this touching reunion.

"The Detroit Police Department did at wonderful thing today,” said Lt. Slappey.  “I'm very proud of my partner for the day, officer butler.  We did not give up.  We wanted this baby back with his rightful family."

We're told the cousin has been taken into police custody. 

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