Missing Taylor woman's remains found in Colorado

(KMGH) - There was a tragic development Thursday night in the case of a Taylor woman who has been missing since 2011. 

Amy Ahonen moved from Taylor to Colorado years ago. 

In July of 2011, she went missing and now, her family says an outside agency has confirmed that body parts found in the Denver area have been identified as hers. 

A family member told 7NEWS KMGH Reporter Marc Stewart that the 38-year-old's remains were found in two separate locations in metro Denver, although the Denver Police Department said that the DNA was only a "possible" match to Ahonen.

According to an investigator in Denver, in November 2013, the Coroner's Office was provided with a human bone that was positively identified as a match to Ahonen.

"I was actually trying to keep hope alive -- that she was still alive. Now that those hopes have been crushed, I don't know what to think," said her sister Annette Ahonen from her home in Michigan. "She was the type of person who could light up a room and she had a lot of friends and was always the friend who was there with people and helping out in any she could."

Ahonen's 2005 black Jeep Liberty was found soon after her disappearance, unlocked on the highway. She left her belongings inside including the keys in the console, her purse under the seat and her hiking backpack in the vehicle.

Volunteers have focused their search for Ahonen at nearby Centennial Cone Park.

While some have speculated that Ahonen may have gone for a hike, her sister, Andrea, was not convinced.

"She is a hiker, but I don't think she would go far alone," Andrea Ahonen told ABC NEWS. The backpack contained her sister's Swiss army knife and her first aid kit, which Andrea doesn't think Amy would have left behind during a hike.

No one has been charged in Ahonen's disappearance, according to Raquel Lopez with the Denver Police Department.

Lopez said no agency has officially been assigned the case, but that one agency is involved. She told 7NEWS that the case has not been classified as a homicide.

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