Lansing mobile home community unsafe, residents struggle to find place to live

(WXYZ) Lansing - An emotional story is unfolding in Lansing.  Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are being forced out of their homes after the mobile home community where they lived was deemed unsafe.  They were given ten days to move.

Judy Fulger is one of many being forced to pack up their belongings and move out of the Life O'Riley mobile home park.  Ingham County health officials condemned the place after discovering raw sewage and other unsanitary conditions. Judy has lived here 15 years and doesn't know what she will do next. 

While residents like Fulger box up a lifetime of memories to put into storage, word of their struggle has spread and touched the hearts of many.

Connie Hong had never met any of the residents at the mobile home park, but knew she had to do something. "I needed to come help," said Hong, "A lot of people are hurting here."

Other people have donated boxes, brought food and even paid to rent U-Haul trucks with the hopes of easing the pain.

The deadline for residents to be out was extended from 5 pm Friday to midnight.  Residents will also be allowed back in from 9 a.m. to 5 Saturday and Sunday to finish packing.

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