Moment of silence held in Detroit for victims of police brutality

(WXYZ) - Hundreds of protestors gathered at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit on Thursday.

Emotions ran high as they held a ceremony for 18-year-old Michael Brown, a teen who was recently shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb.

It was one of many moments of silences held Thursday night in 40 states.

Whitney Syphax Walker was the organizer of the one in Detroit.

"I don't think I brought everybody together,” said Syphax Walker.  "I think they kind of brought themselves together.  It's been a collective outcry of frustration."

"It's an injustice. It's devastating,” said protestor Lauren Thomas. “Can I say I was shocked? No."

Thomas said she learned about the rally on social media.  She was amazed to see how quickly the word spread.

Thomas told 7 Action News she wanted to bring her two sons to Hart Plaza to let them know they too have a voice.

David Bullock, spokesperson for Change Agent Consortium, said the message they want to send, is very clear.

"We want to be calm but we also want to organized,” said Bullock.  “So rallies are great. Moments of silence are appropriate, but this moment of silence has to become a movement. This rally has to become a revival of American ideals.  This is a great start. This is what America should look like… black and white, young and old.  Hart Plaza.  This is what Detroit should look like.”

Rev. Charles White II, who is not affiliated with the rally, told 7 Action News the a group will be heading to Ferguson Sunday.

A rally with National leaders including Al Sharpton is scheduled for 3:00 Sunday afternoon.

According Bullock, another group will travel to Missouri from Detroit as early as Tuesday.

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