Monroe County mom loses 100 pounds in one year on her own

Yvette Vajcner is a wife and mother of three young children. Just over a year ago, she weighed 259 pounds.
"I was miserable. i was crying. I felt like I was dying inside my body. I was trapped. It was like a prison," she says.
She says she didn't like to be out in public or take pictures. She never wanted to step on a scale, but she did during a health assessment at work. That following weekend, she decided to make a lifestyle change.
"I got rid of pre-packaged foods. I started buying produce, lean meat, fish and chicken," she says.
She researched what her body mass index and caloric intake should be and then said good-bye to her fast food habit. She also stopped skipping breakfast.
She walked on the treadmill at least five days a week. She also didn't use a personal trainer or weight loss service. She used the MyFitnessPal app which allowed her to track her food and exercise. It also allowed her to scan the bar codes of food she was eating in order to see all of its nutritional information.
After one week of being active and changing her eating habits, Yvette lost 9 pounds.
"Every week after that it went from 5 pounds to 3 pounds to 2 pounds a week as a minimum." she says.
There were weeks I wouldn't lose anything and i would get really discouraged, but the anger and frustration
I channeled it and motivated myself."
After one year, Yvette lost 100 pounds. She says she succeeded just because she made the choice to stick to her plan.
"We do want instant results, but it's not going to happen. It's not realistic. After you make your goals, keep at it," she says.
"She's happier with herself and that's the greatest accomplishment," says her husband William.


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