Monroe man accused of trying to hire a hitman

(WXYZ) - Thanushan Rajendran is the man police say was so jilted over his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend that he wanted him dead.

"He didn't care how it was done. It was irrelevant. He just wanted the job done," says Det. Sgt. Chris Miller with the Monroe Police Department.

Rajendran worked as the manager at this BP gas station on Telegraph Road in Monroe. Police say he paid one of his employees $750 to kill his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Investigators say that employee spent the cash and never followed through. According to police, when Rajendran put pressure on him, that employee went to the cops.

"He said I'm scared. I don't know what to do so I'm coming to the police."

Monroe police sent an undercover officer into the gas station with that employee.

"It was under the guise that the undercover police officer was his friend and he was going to help
him finish the job," says Det. Sgt. Miller.

Investigators say Rajendran reiterated how he wanted his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend dead.

Police say he even pulled up surveillance video from his gas station showing the intended target and then said

"This is the guy and I want him dead."

Monroe police say Rajendran was arrested at the gas station. Workers there tell 7 Action News that he's since been fired.

Investigators say Rajendran's ex-girlfriend and alleged target expressed great surprise and dismay over the allegations.

7 Action News reached out to Rajendran's attorney late this afternoon seeking comment. We left a message.

Rajendran is expected back in court later this month.

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