More Parking and Retail Coming to Downtown Detroit

A New Parking/Retail Facility for Detroit

DETROIT, MICH (WXYZ) - Believe in Detroit's future, and it will come.

Today, it comes from Rock Ventures, which is breaking ground on a 33,000 facility with lots of parking right in downtown!

This development, which won't be ready until December of 2013, will have some ground floor retail but will also give us 1300 parking spaces right in the middle of the Central Business District. The building will snake its way from Broadway and Grand River to the Library and Gratiot where currently there is just a parking lot.

Many of the employees at Rock Ventures will be making use of the parking since more than 6,500 them now work in the neighborhood.

Rock Ventures and Quicken Loans Chairman, Dan Gilbert, says, "Downtown Detroit's population is growing every day, as new start-ups launch and other companies move downtown. In two years alone, the number of people who work in the Central Business District has increased by more than 10,000 people. These folks need parking, and more places to eat and shop. Our new development will help meet some of this demand."

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation President George Jackson couldn't be happier, "More parking, more retail stores and more restaurants….all of these conveniences and services are part of what is required to create a thriving urban core that people want to live in and visit."

The facility itself will have lots of color, glass, and original artwork.

The real estate firm and developer for the project,. Bedrock Real Estate Services, LLC,  is going to manage and lease the retail space.

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