More uniformed officers on street among Detroit Police Chief Craig's goals for department

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "Change is still Coming," that from Detroit's new Police Chief James E. Craig

In a morning news conference, the chief touched on many topics announcing new goals for the Detroit Police department. Among them, getting more officers back on the street.

That would include taking some from the plain clothes divisions and putting them on active street duty.

The Chief acknowledged, it won't be easy, "This is a tough job." To that end, he plans to offer 256 new bullet proof vests.

He says that right now, his department is in a "deep issue analysis." He plans a pilot schedule in the next few weeks.

One of his other priorities is to boost the morale of the department.

Response time is still a big item in the final goal plan. Getting to a scene quicker will be the challenge.

The chief maintains that during the course of implementing his ideas, he will maintain transparency. He has already begun work on improving relations with the community. Above all, the chief is committed to improving the image of the department in the community and moving it forward.


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