Boy hit by Clinton Township driver, Steve Utash, doesn't know about beating, says mom

(WXYZ) - DeAngela Harris says she is a protective mom.  When her son, 10-year-old David Harris, asked to go down the street with friends, she said no.  

Then his dad said, "let him go play."

“I just wish it was over sometimes,” said DeAngela. “That it never happened. That we never let him go anywhere.”

A short time after David left  home, surveillance video recorded at a gas station, just over a block from her house, shows him suddenly stepping off the curb right in front of a pickup truck.

His friends ran back to his house.  To tell his mom he’d been hit by a truck.

“Panic was going through my mind,” said DeAngela.  “He was out of it.  I don’t think he knew what was going on. He was in the street laying, crying, holding his feet, and blood was coming from his mouth.”

David suffered gashes to his mouth and a broken foot.

DeAngela says her son doesn’t know details of the violence that followed. An angry mob of teens and young men turned on Steve Utash , the driver that accidentally hit him.  They beat him severely. Five of the 10-12 people involved have been identified and charged. Police are still looking for the rest.

The beating left Steve Utash with severe brain trauma. He spent days in a coma. Just days ago he woke up.  Tuesday his family shared excellent news. He is talking, drinking and walking with a walker.

“I hope the man is okay,” said DeAngela. “That was just too much. I don’t know any of those people.”

Meantime, she is worried about how learning what happened will impact her 10-year-old.

“He is a good kid. An honor student. I finally let him go somewhere. I have taught my child how to cross the street, but when kids go out they are going to be kids. They are going to have fun or try to at least.  All we can do is hope they do what they were taught.”

Some in the neighborhood tell 7 Action News they have seen kids play a dangerous game of chicken. They jump in front of cars, and then back on the curb.

David told his mom he wasn’t doing that. That he just wasn't paying attention as he headed to a friend's house.

“I don’t know what made him step out.”

In the meantime, Steve Utash’s family says he is going to require a lot of care as he recovers. They have set up a fund for him. You can make donations at .