Mt. Clemens School District buildings closed due to MRSA cases

(WXYZ) - All buildings in the Mt. Clemens School District are closed after two staff members were diagnosed with MRSA. 

The school board president, Earl Rickman, tells 7 Action News that the board found out about the cases Monday night and decided to close all schools and buildings in the district on Tuesday, May 7.

Rickman tells us that all parents will be informed and the buildings will be sanitized on Tuesday.

MRSA is an infection caused by a strain of staph bacteria that's become resistant to medication commonly used to treat ordinary staff infections. The infection is contagious and is spread by person to person contact.

We're told a teacher at the high school and a school aid, who primarily works at the high school, were the persons diagnosed. 

A school official says they shut down the entire district instead of just the high school because one of the diagnosed staff members rode a district school bus Monday for a field trip.

Parents in the Mt. Clemens school district are being encouraged to inspect their children's bodies for skin marks resembling spider bites, bug bites, or boils. These are the common-looking symptoms of MRSA.

Washing hands frequently and using sanitizer is another way to prevent MRSA infection.


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