Muddy footprint at the crime scene

Will Kindred says he was just walking out of his brother-in-law's house when he heard a loud noise like a car door slamming and saw his wife's van speeding down the street.

Kindred told police he saw someone running through a vacant lot across the street. Kindred said he chased the person through the lot and down an alley before losing sight of the person about a block away. He couldn't give any description of the person. He couldn't even say whether it was a man or a woman.

According to police reports, Kindred said he took a different route back to his brother-in-law's house and stepped in a mud puddle along the way. He said that's how he left the muddy footprint in the street.

Kindred's brother-in-law, Verlin Miller, also told police the person fleeing was in the vacant lot when they first spotted him and he was able to give a description. He said the person weighed about 150 to 180 pounds. He said the person had on dark blue or black jogging pants with a white stripe down the side and white gym shoes.

Kindred changed his story slightly when interviewed by Action News. When asked why he would chase the person when he didn't even know what had happened, Kindred said the person he saw was running away from Lisa's van.

If Kindred had seen this person running away from Lisa's van, the fleeing figure would have had to jump a fence to get to the vacant lot. Neither man mentioned anything about that in their statements to police.

William Kindred also told Action News when he returned from chasing the person, he talked with his brother-in-law and they wondered if Lisa was mad at him and that's why she left.

Kindred told Action News he wishes someone could hypnotize him so he would be able to recall what the fleeing person looked like.

Kindred and Miller Statements

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