POLICE: Three dead, nine shot in Detroit barbershop shooting, reward increased to $5,000

(WXYZ) - Detroit Police say three people are dead and nine more shot in a deadly barbershop shooting on the city's east side.

In a press conference Thursday Crime Stoppers increased the reward for information to $5,000.

Police also say one person of interest is in custody on an unrelated charge but has a criminal record.

It happened at a barbershop on the 5000 block of East 7 Mile, between Ryan and Mound. According to police about 20 to 30 people were inside as a dice game was going on.

Police say two vehicles, a white Impala and a black Impala, pulled up to Al's Barber Shop on the block. We're told the passengers inside one of the vehicles then started firing into the barber shop.

"What happened was somebody at the barbershop heard all this commotion, opened the door. And then shots were fired into the barber shop," said Detroit Police Spokesperson Kelly Miner. "And we know two people died at that time in the barber shop."

Since Miner's statement Wednesday night, another victim had died of their injuries.

Police say the suspect had a high powered rifle and and fired into an open door in the back.

Police are interviewing store owners to gather surveillance video and more information. As the investigation continued at the scene, family members could be seen waiting for updates on their loved ones.

"Someone told me they shot up the place," said James, whose son was a barber at Al's. "[When I saw him], it was the same feeling I had when he was first born."

"You just have to be strong," said Jaiwanna, whose future brother in law was in the barbershop, and has not been heard from, "And just hoping, even though hope is really not there. We still have to keep hoping."

Detroit Receiving Hospital confirms some of the victims were taken there. The emergency room was filled with family members from the shooting. 

Additional victims were taken to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and St. John's Hospital on Moross.


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