Murdered law student honored at vigil as Wayne State offers her children full rides

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was an evening full of sorrow, anger, and grief for those attending the candlelight vigil for murdered Wayne State law school student Tiane Brown. But it was also a night looking towards the future; when family, friends, students, and faculty learned Brown's educational legacy will live on.

"Everybody has come together," said Brown's sister Danyelle McCreary, "Everybody has done a lot."

For Wayne State University's Law School, this is one of the most painful lessons of injustice, as classmates hold vigil.

"And not for one day do you think you're going to fall victim to the reasons why we are here," said classmate Kelly Carter, holding backing tears, "To make this world a better place."

"To the murderers, to the wannabe murderers, and the gonna be murderers, who gave you the right to take another individual's life?" asked Brown's stepfather Nate Jones, "Who gave you that right?"

Those who knew Brown remember a driven student who demonstrated compassion to peers and professors—a mother of three set to graduate with a degree in patent law.

"I really feel like my whole career, I hadn't been around a student quite like this before." said law professor Katherine White, "She had incredible leadership skills, incredibly intelligent, hard working."

It's why Wayne State University will be honoring Brown with a posthumous degree, as well as giving her three children the education their mother never got to finish.

"If they desire to come to Wayne State, they will do so without having to pay anything." said Wayne State University President M. Roy Wilson.

"She really symbolized a lot of hope for the future." said White, "And so it's going to be difficult, but we'll help each other."

"Regardless of who you pray to at night, I would ask that you give a prayer to Tiane," said Professor Eric Wilson, "And to her family."

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