NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson has trending hashtag on Twitter #BlameJJ

(WXYZ) - You'd think there would be enough pressure on one of NASCAR's biggest stars, but Jimmie Johnson is willing to take on the weight of the world.

"I've been blamed for global warming.I guess I have a big carbon footprint," said Jimmie.

The Hashtag #blameJJ-- a Twitter phenomenon-- has taken on a life of its own.

"One guy blamed me for his extramarital affair," said Jimmie. "And I said, ‘man, I've got no involvement in that one."

Cruising Woodward in his ‘68 Camaro, Jimmie says #blameJJ started quite spontaneously.

"There was a race where the haters wanted to have their moment-- they were accusing me of all kinds of things, so I played into it," said Jimmie. "I said, ‘I agree…all that you say I am-- blame JJ and it's taken on a life of its own."

The good news in all this is despite the pressure of being one of NASCAR's top drivers, Jimmie Johnson is willing to take on your problems, too.

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