National Volunteer Week, thank you to our CFA team

(WXYZ) - It is National Volunteer Week and the perfect time to shine the spotlight on our Call For Action team. 

When you go behind the scenes with these people, it doesn't take how to realize how much they love volunteering.

Each week we highlight the efforts of the team on 7 Action News at 5p.m.  We show how they get consumer issues corrected and give people help when they see no hope.

Evelyn Stern is the director of the team and loves coming to work. "We do wonderful work.  We help people and our work is special, it is different."

She leads the CFA team which is 100% volunteer based.  Every week you see the benefits of their work. 

They literally put smiles back on peoples faces!  It is there pleasure to help people. 

One volunteer says, "These people are entitled to help and we are here to provide it for them.

The volunteers answer calls Monday through Wednesday from 11:30am through 1:30pm.  Their results are remarkable. 

As of last week, they had already taken well over a thousand calls and recovered over $92,000 dollars for metro Detroit residents.

They see themselves as "first responders" jumping into a situation that needs immediate help.

The problem an individual calls about becomes the volunteers problem.

It can be a warranty issue, tax money that hasn't been returned, a contract that has not been followed or any consumer issue. They work the case to the legal limit.

When you call, you get to speak to a live person on the phone if you call during hours.

However, there are so many calls and emails coming in, Call For Action could use more volunteers to help.

Evelyn says, "It takes somebody who is compassionate, caring and wants to help. Then, that person has to want to act on it.   

If you would like to become a volunteer or need some help solving a consumer issue call 248-827-3362 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 

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