2-year-old mauled to death at Pittsburgh Zoo

DETROIT(WXYZ) - A 2-year-old is dead after falling into a wild dog exhibit at the Pittsburgh Zoo and being mauled.

Officials at the Pittsburgh Zoo say the mother and her 2-year-old son were looking at an exhibit of African Painted Dogs. She held the boy on top of a railing so he could get a better look. He lost his footing and fell at least 11 feet into the exhibit with 11 wild dogs.

The boy was mauled by the dogs for about 5 minutes and witnesses described the incident as "horrific".

A zoo keeper was able to call away some of the dogs, but some had to be shot with darts and one was shot to death after it wouldn't leave.

The boy was pronounced dead 10 minutes later.

Pittsburgh Zoo is now closed and it's not clear when it will reopen. The zoo is looking into what happened and Pittsburgh Police are also investigating the incident.

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