Accused Giffords shooter Jared Lee Loughner ruled incompetent to stand trial

(WXYZ) - A federal judge has ruled that the man accused of trying to assassinate US Representative Gabrielle Giffords in not competent to stand trial.

The ruling against Jared Lee Loughner comes after he was removed from the Arizona courtroom after an outburst.

The judge said his ruling was based on the results of court-ordered medical evaluation of Loughner. Those examinations were conducted by two separate medical professionals.

Loughner will now be taken to a mental health facility for treatment in the hopes that he will eventually able to stand trial. Wednesday's ruling does not have any bearing on whether or not he was insane at the time of the shootings.

Loughner is accused of killing six people and wounding 13 more during the January 8 shootings at a meet-and-greet event between Giffords and her constituents in Tucson.

Giffords was shot through the head. She continues to recover.

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