Bizarre day in court as jury debates possible death penalty for Jodi Arias

PHOENIX (AP) - The Jodi Arias murder trial has wrapped up for the day and will continue Tuesday with the defendant speaking to the jury.

The brief day was marked by a series of legal arguments in which defense lawyers asked for a mistrial and to withdraw from the case and said they would put on only one witness: Arias herself.

The judge denied their request for a mistrial based on a key witness receiving death threats. In protest the judge's decision, defense lawyers Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott asked to withdraw. They were promptly denied.

They then said they have no plans to call any witnesses, sending the court into recess as lawyers worked to resolve the next step. They later decided Arias would speak to the jury Tuesday.

Arias and an ex-boyfriend had been expected to speak to jurors before the panel begins deliberating whether to sentence the 32-year-old Arias to life in prison or execution for murdering her lover in 2008.

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