All Clear given at Central Connecticut State University following police situation

(WXYZ) - The "All Clear" has been given at Central Connecticut State University following a lockdown due to a police situation.

At first officials did not release any information on what triggered the situation. It was eventually revealed that police were looking for a man who had been reported to be carrying a gun.

Just before 3:00 pm the University said one suspect was in custody. However, the school said the all clear had not been issued and the shelter in place was still in effect.

Police did not give the "All Clear" until about fifteen minutes later.

The situation was announced when the university's website was taken down and replaced with the following message:

Campus Emergency

Remain Inside buildings. Stay in place!
Stay away from Windows.

Police are on the Scene.

It also includes a link to the school's Twitter account , which began sending out updates shortly after noon telling students to stay inside and seek shelter.

The tweets also say the situation is not a drill.

The website was eventually put back up with the message displayed as a pop up message.

All classes and activities have been canceled.

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