Keep kids safe with Halloween, trick-or-treat safety tips

(WXYZ) - With the rain expected to carry on all day on Thursday,  there's a few Halloween safety tips you can follow to keep you and your kids safe.

Did you know Halloween is the 5th highest day of the year for candle fires? 

Well, to prevent you or your child's costume from going up in flames, avoid any outfits that have extra fabric and can easily catch fire.

Another tip is to make sure the costume is bright, and labeled flame resistant.

Also, if your child will be walking around  tonight, use reflective tape as part of their costume.

Kids should always stay with an adult they know; never let them go inside a stranger's home alone.

And lastly, make sure to check if any of your child's food has been tampered with; whether it's candy, fruit, or chips.

Experts say if you have any doubt about the food, throw it out right away.

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