Moore residents searching for pets after tornado; Home Depot a central location for rescued animals

MOORE, Okla. - As the recovery continues after a deadly tornado tore through Moore Monday, residents are searching for missing pets in the wake of the storm.

Home Depot is serving as a location where animals found in the wreckage are being transported.  Some are being taken to the Moore Animal Shelter and some are heading to Oklahoma City.

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Rescue workers are keeping an organized list to ensure pets are reunited with their families.

Moore resident Scott Burkhart knew his home was demolished.

"I saw it on the news, they showed it," he said.

Burkhart and his family were safe at a relative's house, but his two dogs were not.

"I hope they escaped, but..."

A short time later, Burkhart found Nemo.  He didn't make it.  But Burkhart is still looking for Romy.

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For others showing up at Home Depot, there is some good news.

"I am just so excited to have him and he's safe," said Katt Tasetano of her cat Max.  "We thought they were all lost."

Tasetano wasn't home during the storm.  One of her other dogs didn't make it.  She's still searching for other pets, but finding Max gave her encouragement to keep searching.

"It gives me a sense of hope that we can find the rest of them and bring them back together," she said.

Volunteers with the Humane Society of Tulsa are in Moore, providing community outreach and pet supplies at First Baptist Church.

A Facebook page -- the McClain County Animal Response Team -- is also set up to reunite people with their pets (

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