VIDEO: Dad sends son with autism to school wearing a wire, teacher caught bullying

(WXYZ) - Stuart Chaifetz's son, Akian is a 10-year-old boy who suffers from autism.

On his website , Chaifetz says his son has always been sweet and non-violent, so when he received notes from the school saying Akian was having violent outbursts and even hitting his teacher and aide, he was completely shocked.

Chaifetz says a behaviorist was called into the classroom a number of times, but the behaviorist had never witnessed any violent events.

In February, Chaifetz decided to take another route to figure out what was going on. He wired his son, sent him to school. The audio recordings he heard were completely disturbing.

He says the teacher and aide were the ones bullying his son.

He put the recordings on YouTube and sent a copy to the school district. Eventually one aide was fired, but according to Chaifetz, Aikan's teacher and other staff members that took part in the harassment were moved to other classrooms.

Watch the entire YouTube clip below:

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