Neighborhood fears return of roaches after neighbor leaves mounds of trash

(WXYZ) - The view outside Bernice Richardson's window is less than pleasant.  Mounds of trash, forgotten furniture and old mattresses.  It's smelly, but not as bad as the critters crawling out of the debris pile. 

"They have invaded the premises." said Richardson.  "I'm talking about roaches and those big rats."

We've learned the nasty neighbors moved out this past summer but left their trash behind.  It's still there under a blanket of snow. 

For Richardson, the fear of roaches returning is very real.  She and others are worried about when the warmer weather arrives.  It wasn't just a few roaches they had to deal with, or even hundreds. 

Try thousands. 

"You opened the black lid from the garbage can and the top was full of them.  Almost like a carpet." said Richardson.

Richardson and other neighbors paid to have an exterminator spray their homes and yards but they are worried the rodents and roaches will return with the temperatures rise and the snow melts.

Neighbors tell us they have complained to city officials.  Someone came out to take pictures but the trash was never removed.

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