Neighbors happy for garbage pickup in Hazel Park

(WXYZ) - It's a sweet sound to neighbors' ears, crews cleaning up items soiled and destroyed by the flood a week and a half ago.

John Meacham was one who lost so many precious memories in the flood.

"Every pic, every home video was all stored in crates - but in 5 feet of water. Everything tipped over and we lost it all," said John. 

But he, like many others, was grateful tons of contaminated belongings, swarmed by nats, cockroaches, and fruit flies were finally being taken away.

Stephen Sokol walks his dog along Ford, near Pearl, in Hazel Park. He says, at times, it was overbearing.

"We've been walking by, smelling it for a week," said Sokol. 

And while many of the streets are now clear, some residents still have more clean-up ahead.

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