New app LeftoverSwap lets users share their food

(WXYZ) - According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, America gets rid of 40 percent of the food it creates.

Now one new app is working to squash our bad habits and help us share our leftovers.

The creators of this app are calling it the "Craigslist for leftovers."

The LeftoverSwap app lets users trade and give away food.  The app was created after two former roommates at the University of Michigan ordered too much pizza while they were out in Seattle. 

Dan Newman and his roommate thought it would be great to be able to broadcast the extra slices out to anyone who might want them. 

LeftoverSwap started as a joke and then soon became a real application. 

Users of the app can snap a picture of their extra food, whether it's a slice of pizza or an uneaten granola bar. The app then pinpoints it on a map where other people can find it.

If someone wants your item, the app allows them to contact you within the app.

Newman says that for as many people who think it's gross, there are as many who love it.

The creators' say their goal is to make sure good food doesn't go to waste. 

Newman also tells 7 Action News that users should use good judgment before going to pick up someone else's food. 

And just in case you're wondering, there are currently some frozen burgers up for grabs in Ann Arbor.

The app is available for iOS devices with an Android app in the works.

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