New app predicts child's size

(WXYZ) -  A new app that can help predict a child's height in adulthood is also being used to treat serious diseases.

The "Multiplier" app was developed by doctors at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.

"We developed this app as a tool for doctors who treat children with growth disturbances to help them calculate how tall children will be," said Dr. John Herzenberg, co-creator of the app. " If they have a leg length difference, how long that leg length difference will be when the children mature."

The doctor inputs information into the app and it produces a prediction on growth rates through adulthood, allowing doctors to build effective treatment plans for patients.

Parents can also use the app to get a better idea of their child's future height, leg length, foot size and sitting height. You'll need to input your child's birthday and current measurements.

Pregnant moms can also use the app to determine the length of their baby at birth.

The app is free and available for iPhones and Android phones, just search for the "Multiplier" app.

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