New beauty secret? Face-slapping procedure to make you look years younger

(WXYZ) - Forget Botox or plastic surgery, there's a new and different technique to firm up that flabby face.

A California masseuse is now putting her beauty-secret on the market to help with sagging skin or wrinkles.

So, how does the skin-firming procedure work? By slapping a person in the face.

The treatment is billed as the "ancient Thai art of face slapping," and it will set you back $350 for a 20 minute session. For those looking for weekly smack sessions, a bundle package costs $1,000 for four sessions.

And forget about charging it to your credit card, the masseuse parlor's website says it only accepts cash.

The owner of Tata massage in San Francisco says the procedure brings out a person's beauty without invasive procedures.

The results from one session are said to last about six months.

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