New Facebook app helps you play matchmaker with your friends

(WXYZ) - Do you have two friends who don't know each other, but you're convinced they would be absolutely perfect together?

Well one new Facebook app may help you play cupid.  Setting up your friends may now be a whole lot easier thanks to a new Facebook app called You Should Totally Meet-- subtle, huh?

The new application claims that You Should Totally Meet takes all of the guesswork out of online dating.

Here's how it works:

You build a profile on the app for your friend that you want to set up-- writing several reasons why someone would love to meet that person.

Like, they're always helping others or they are the funniest person you know. Mutual friends can then agree or disagree with what you've posted about that person.

Then, and here's the fun part--you go through your friend's list and select people who you think should totally meet your friend. The app will then send them an introduction.


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