New feature in Google Maps let's you go back in time with street view

(WXYZ) - Google Maps announced a new feature on Wednesday that allows people to go back in time on the Google Maps street view feature.

The company says the have gathered past collections from street view dating back to 2007 to create the digital time capsule.

You can see a landmark grow, or even see the destruction of one, as seen in the photo above with Tiger Stadium. The montage, shows Tiger Stadium in the top left in August 2007,  top right in July 2009, bottom left in September 2009, and finally bottom right in June 2011.

To see if the view goes back in time, when you're in street view, there would be a clock icon in the upper left-hand portion of the image. Click on it and move the slider through time to see the changes.

For more information about the new Google Maps street view application, click here.

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